Nutritional Supplement Applications

Cricket Powder is not just a super protein….it is a NUTRITIONAL SUPER FOOD

  • Cricket Powder nutritional supplement protein helps athletes create stronger bones, bigger muscles, healthier joints with faster recovery time.
  • Cricket powder is a very complete nutritional food, both in terms of macronutrients (carbohydrate, lipids, proteins, fibres) and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins). As can be seen from the wheel above, cricket powder provides amazing amounts of some of the most critical nutrient levels needed for athletes to achieve peak performance.
  • With more BCAA’s than whey and 2 x’s more iron than spinach, cricket powder helps with the prevention of muscle fatigue and promotes faster muscle recovery. The special chitin fiber in cricket powder helps protect athletes joint cartilage, lowers bad cholesterol and acts as a powerful prebiotic to aid with digestive health. Athlete’s nerves and muscles are also optimized due to the fact it has 3x’s more potassium than bananas and 5x’s more magnesium than beef. The bone strengthening power of cricket powder for athletes is immense, as it has 1.6 x’s more calcium than milk.
    So as you can see, when we say NUTRITIONAL SUPER FOOD…We mean it

Sustainable Protein

  •  2000x Less Water Usage
  •  Consume 12x Less Feed
Besides its amazing health benefits over other proteins, cricket powder is also the most sustainable
world sustainable
Helping Pass On A Better World

vs. beef

  •  Emit 100x Less Greenhouse Gases
  •  Require 2000x Less Land